San Pedro Ridge Fire Safety

Neighbors Volunteering to Reduce Fire Risk in San Rafael, CA


Significantly reduce the risk of catastrophic fire for the neighborhoods and woodland areas surrounding San Pedro Ridge in San Rafael, CA.


An all-volunteer effort of neighbors working in close collaboration with local fire and parks agencies to pull and remove invasive plant species that are proven to dramatically increase the risk of catastrophic fire.

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Volunteer Day & Update -- 2.12.22

With a core group of volunteers meeting every other Saturday, San Pedro Ridge Fire Safety has been making some great progress. Check out the most recent update! 

Explore Our Progress

The volunteer crew has cleared 16.2 acres or 65,559 square meters of land with mature or dead broom. This map reflects this work.

Point of Light Award Logo

Our Work Was Recognized Nationally!

Our work was recognized by the Points of Light Foundation as a Daily Point of Light! The foundation, inspired by Pres. George HW Bush, highlights one person each day across the nation for civic leadership and service. Project Leader, Robin Pendoley, was the daily honoree on May 23rd, 2022. Read the story here.

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Grants for San Rafael Residents to Protect Homes from Fire

The City of San Rafael is offering a grant program to assist San Rafael property owners in reducing wildfire risks on their property. Qualifying work includes vegetation management within 30 feet of a structure and home hardening efforts.  Learn more...